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SLW Digital control slitting machine for jumbo roll

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How to Maintain the Cutting Machine Better

Date:2018/11/16 10:27:02 Click:341
How to Maintain the Cutting Machine Better

SLW-gantry digital control high-speed slitter is a wide-width secondary Slitter designed and developed on the basis of absorbing the European secondary Slitter model, in order to satisfy domestic raw material processing customers with large roll-diameter unwinding. This machine is suitable for slitting POF, OPP, PET, CPP film and thin paper.

Before use, the main parts of the automatic Slitter should be inspected and lubricated; when inspecting and disassembling the automatic slitter, the use of inappropriate tools and unscientific operation methods should be strictly prohibited; the machine should be thoroughly cleaned and inspected every two weeks; if the automatic Slitter is not used for a long time, it must be used. All bright surfaces are wiped clean, coated with anti-rust oil and covered with plastic cover. If the automatic Slitter is out of service for more than 3 months, the anti-rust oil should be covered with moisture-proof paper; after the work is completed, the equipment should be carefully cleaned, and the exposed friction surface should be wiped clean and lubricated.